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Dumping games issue

Posted on October 16, 2003 at 07:31:07 PM by Bada-Bing

I don't think that over a course of a year that dumping a game on purpose to stay in the money is worth it. However i did come across a handful of players at Hartford jai alai that were notorius for it. Some might say it was coincidental but i think otherwise. Its not fair to mention names but the ones i noticed doing this the most were early game american players that were playing on the bubble. I don't think that it should be considered cheating by any means but rather strategy. The only time i had a problem with it was when these same players made it quite obvious they were dumping. It got to a point that some players were so predictable that fans including myself could call shots before they happened. That's what makes jai alai such a strange sport where you could actually could win by losing.


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