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On further review...

Posted on September 23, 2003 at 06:55:54 PM by Craig G

Ok, I see now that in Excel (my old version), the VLOOKUP function allows you to very easily make a table of the Skiena figs, and then look them up based on simple criteria, eg "w8".

So, if your question was "how can I enter w8, s6, x3, x1, p1, etc", this is a very simple answer.

Make one page of your workbook for a named table with 32 entries (64 if super is separate) that consist of 3 columns: label (eg: p7), points won, and points lost.

Then when you type in w8 in column a, your formula in column b will be something like "=VLOOKUP(A1, skfigs,2, FALSE". Column c will be "=VLOOKUP(A1, skfigs,3, FALSE)".

I just tested it with some dummy figs, and it worked.


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