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Re(1): Steve Skiena System

Posted on September 22, 2003 at 12:31:00 AM by Craig G

I too would be interested to see how he arrived at the .55 figure for post 8. After seeing your post, I did a quick mod to generate my own numbers.

What I got is approx .49. However I then tried a very reasonable 3% bias for the receiver, and that did work out to about .55.

It occurred to me that if you wanted to bump up the sophistication a bit you could have a massive table for each trifecta number, eg if # = 126, post 6 show figures might be 2.30 and 1.26. You would probably get very slight improvements in accuracy that would make almost no difference in performance, tho.

Still, I think I'll order his book just for curiousity's sake.


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