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Re(1): Response to Tiger : Automation

Posted on September 23, 2003 at 12:08:19 AM by Craig G

I am far from being an expert on spreadsheets.

However, if what you are asking is how to input "w8, s6, x3, x1, p1", etc in column A, and have the "Skiena points won and lost" figures appear automatically in columns B + C, that can be done easily, even if the method I give is barbaricly crude.

What you could do is go to column d and begin 64 columns of "=if(a1="w8",400,0)", "=if(a1="w8",55,0)", "=if(a1="p8", n, 0)", etc. These cells could be hidden, protected, whatever. Then for column b you just sum the appropriate cells for points won. Column c would be points lost. Inelegant, fer shure, but you would never have to type in numbers again, at least during that phase of your process.


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