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Re(2): Handicapping opinions

Posted on September 20, 2003 at 01:33:38 PM by Bluto

In answer to some questions in this thread.

To Tiger.

1.Generally, I prefer to bet Jai Alai live, I really enjoy the game, and I like to be able to react on the spot to the way a player is playing during that performance, although advance betting is always an option.

2.Yes 1 dollar straights are available.

3.My play per game varies depending on pool size, but generally is betweeen 60-100 dollars per game, although I will lower that during some performances when the pools are smaller. Im flexible on that subject.

4.I wouldnt call patience my longest asset, although I have enough patience to sit back and only get really involved in a few games a performance and play a quinella or an exacta in other games (which yes I know cuts into profit, but not much, and keeps things lively.)

To Craig.

I've bounced around alot lately in terms of what I've bet, I'd say at the moment my predominant bet, in games I like, is to play a $60 dollar trifecta key, keying 1 team in all 3 positions with 5 other teams. I'll back that with common runout comibinations if I think there is a strong 2nd choice in the game. If a team I particularly like is in a later post, I'll often key them to win over everybody, and then back that up with common combinations to try to double up.


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