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Re(5): Handicapping opinions

Posted on September 20, 2003 at 02:19:14 PM by Bluto

As an example of what I mean by finding better value by switching pools of venues let me relate my experience last night.

I was at Miami and having some success, now I like Dania, but I find the distribution of talent at Dania to be a bit more evenly weighted and therefore more difficult to handicap, particularly for the trifecta, than Miami is. Since finding this board a few days back I've noticed some posts by a fellow poster, Steve, who was picking a couple of teams and then going rather big into the Dania quinella and exacta pool. About the 10th game at Dania, I noticed a team I liked in the 2 post, Ochoa and Iru, but found the rest of the game to be fairly evenly weighted, so I took a stab at the type of play I've seen Steve post on here, with a nice return in the quinella. I noticed Cuvet had played very well in the 10th but missed to board thanks to some incompetent play by Lertuxndi and ran Cuvet back in the Quinella and Exacta pool in the 11th game singles, again with nice returns (although I cut down on my profit margin by covering a few quinella comibinations with Urkidi from the 1 as I find that a strong 1 post in singles is too dangerous to leave uncovered.) Now had I been betting trifectas in the 10th game, I'd have likely missed altogether, and while I would have hit in the 11th, Id have seen a much smaller profit margin as the 4-2-5 combination came back unusually short. The one night success of betting this way may have been a good sign of a smart system, or it may have just been good luck, I dont know. So I'm wondering if any of the posters have an opinion where the best value pools are particularly as it concerns Dania and Miami. I for one wept at the passing of Milford as the 3 dollar trifecta base there made for a great trifecta value pool.

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