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Re(4): Handicapping opinions

Posted on September 20, 2003 at 01:59:44 PM by Bluto

In response to the 1st point. I do feel that is the precise advantage to betting live, that you can see the way a given player is going that day, and can adjust on the fly to a player or team that is playing well or poorly that day.

2nd, actually, I find that with self service machines, theres generally plenty of time in between games to run off plenty of pre-determined combinations.

My problem is that increasingly I find, particularly with Miami Jai Alai, that the returns are increasingly not worth the opportunity cost in any pool, with the possible exception of the superfecta (which frankly I'm reluctant to become heavily involved with as I've always had just horrific luck in that bet, and yes I know if you handicap luck's not supposed to come into play, but let's face it, if you're gambling, there's some luck involved). There are of course nights where there are exceptions and I make out well, last night for example I made a very nice score on a 6-4-1 and a 3-1-4 back to back in the 10th and 11th games when those numbers, particularly the 6-4-1 came back a good bit higher priced than expected. Recently though, I find that with certain players, particularly Rekalde and Elizigi, anywhere on the board, the prices in every pool will be exceptionally short.


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