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Re(3): Handicapping opinions

Posted on September 20, 2003 at 02:00:14 PM by Straight from the Den

There are lots of angles, in fact, I was planning on using that as an upcoming Question of the Week. I once had a friend whose angle was to see who was 'doggin' it' in the warmups, and then bet on him (it takes all kinds).

When I'm watching live, I take note of great (or bonehead) plays, and note them as such in my program on entries of that player in future games. Ditto, for games won.

Then. when we get down to, say, a player's 4th or 5th game, I have a bunch of tick marks on my program to indicate if adjustments to my pre-planned strategy are justified.

Nothing's better than being there. People always accuse me of being a 'numbers man', but player 'rating' (my rating, that is, the more current the better) is always the most important input. The numbers part comes in knowing what certain combos are likely to pay and what the rotation does to the combo expectations.

But, we've got a long time to discuss that.

Meanwhile, I'm readying this thread for induction into the "Chalk Talk Hall of Fame"

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