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$2 and the CPI

Posted on September 19, 2003 at 09:39:31 PM by Straight from the Den

When I first went to the races (about 1960), the CPI was about 30, now it's about 180. (1983=100)

The base bet was $2 then, and had been for a looong time.

That $2 from 1960 is now worth about 35 cents (i.e., 1960 dollars).

When you consider what $2.00 buys you - a gallon of gas, 10 cigarettes, 1/20th. of a Yankees ticket, it really doesn't seem like much.

If I could bet $1 straight trifectas, I'd love it, 'cause I'd want to bet 20-30 per game. At $2 or $3, it's a bit harder.

$1 boxes do cause the bets to spread, but it's still a level field - everybody knows the rules.

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