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Re(1): Odds dilution and respective payoffs

Posted on September 16, 2003 at 08:37:14 PM by Perry

The daily double, quinella and perfecta odds are posted in single dollar amounts, so if your exacta is listed at "30", it's currently paying 30-1 (approximately), which for a $3 perfecta would be a $93 payoff.

The pool totals shown along with the odds are in dollars, not number of bets. So if the pool total is listed as 1500, that means that there's $1500 in the pool, not 1500 $3 bets.

The effect that your own bet has on the odds will vary according to the total amount bet on your combo, relative to the total amount in the pool. For example, if, prior to your bet, there had only been $1 wagered on the perfecta combo you want to bet, and you then place a $3 wager on that perfecta, you will change the odds significantly, since you are quadrupling the amount bet on that combo. However, if you're placing a $3 perfecta wager on one of the heavily bet combos, you will only reduce the odds slightly. Any bets placed on other combos will increase the odds on your combo.


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