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Re(1): Odds dilution and respective payoffs

Posted on September 16, 2003 at 08:57:44 PM by Tiger

The numbers you see for pool totals are total dollars, not tickets.

A $1,000 exacta pool is a bit small, and can create some substantial over/underlays.

Tris are a little better. Though there are 6x as many tri combos as exacta, many are near-impossible longshots, so the $5,000 pool still can give a reasonable performance on the 'standard' finishes.

I wouldn't bet anything more than about 250 to 1, because you're goin' to meet the tax man if you win, and the pool isn't big enough to give a true payout on a big longshot.

Even if you hit the big longshot, you'll still have to share too small a payout with the box bettors.

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